Animal Houses - Available in NJ, PA & DE

Start your day off with fresh, quality eggs from your own backyard. Our collection of handcrafted chicken coops makes having your own eggs easy!

Choose from many sizes and styles all built with the convenience, comfort, and safety of your chickens in mind. Many of our standard features include nesting boxes, screen doors, roosting bars, and much more. Plus you can pick from optional chicken runs or wheels for portability.

Every coop we build is crafted to be an attractive addition to your property. Our coops offer great style and a choice of stain or paint colors to match your home.

Our chicken coops allow you to enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, and give you the sense of satisfaction from working together with nature.

Sizes & Styles

  • Quaker 8x8
  • Quaker 3x4
  • Quaker 3x4 with Run
  • Quaker 3x4 with Run & Wheels
  • Quaker 4x6
  • Quaker 4x8
  • Quaker 4x8 with Wheels
  • A-Frame 4x6
  • A-Frame 4x8

Features & Options

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